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Alex + Nyuk Cheng | Wedding

Is my honor to shoot Alex & Nyuk Cheng’s big day with my partner Ruidi a.k.a shi fu.  I was appointed to shoot for the preparation of groom(Alex) in the early morning of the wedding day. Love to work with Alex and his heng dai (brothers), they are really cooperate, active and friendly. There was something funny about the hang dai(brothers) as you can see most of them wearing white and a small group of them wearing black, Alex mentioned that this was kind of miss communication and those who wearing black call themselves as special agent who cover “games” which cannot be cover by the “white” gang. :D

Besides, Nyuk Cheng was my senior in secondary school. She is now a pharmacist in General Hospital Miri and of course she has a lot of friends who are also pharmacists, yet these was the first wedding i ever attend or shoot which have so much pharmacists gathered together.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the photos of the day. :)

Here I have the Same Day Edit montage which is done by Ruidi.

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